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Pictures from Crazy Mountain Ranch, Jan 2004
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The Ranch
This is what the ranch looks like if you go snowshoeing Ranch from balcony in the Barber Shop building Main street from the North Main street from the South
Main street from the Stage Stop Orientation Fireplace in the saloon Saloon
Jail Inside the Barber Shop Bathroom in our room (York room in the Bank) Outside the activity barn
Activity Barn Cougar in the Livery Inside the Stage Stop
X-Mas in January?!
The loot The loot-closeup More...
Snowmobilling - a must do activity
Moose Moose close-up What a view! Getting ready
Before the first trip Chilling out on a snowmobile
Ice fishing
Ice fishing...not a single fish :(
Getting the dogs ready Keeping the dogs calm Ready...Set... On the trail
I think we are ready for Iditarod Have some catching up to do
Before Polar Bear Party
Ride to the party Good looking horses More horses
Bridger Bowl
Skiing at Bridger Bowl Great terrain-great views What can be better than fresh snow?
Tubing: The Marlboro way On the way up On the way down After a 35mph ride down
Last night at the Crazy Mountain Ranch
Last night at the Crazy Mountain Ranch O Brother, Where art Thou? The crowd can't get enough These guys really know how to take care of you
Train (Bryan & Tammy) Limbo   Brooke and David-don't ask him to tell you any jokes
People we met on the ranch
Donnie & Jodi Nikki, Dori & another couple Crystal, Gary, Stu, Dori, Nikki, JD, Mac Laura & Nikki
Vern, local security Mac
On the way home
Bozeman Airport